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Cheap Bulletproof Offshore Hosting

Experience the epitome of online security through ClientVPS Bulletproof Offshore Hosting. At ClientVPS, we are excited to introduce an affordable hosting solution that seamlessly integrates impenetrable security, unparalleled value, and flawless performance. Our bulletproof infrastructure guarantees the resilience of your website against even the most determined cyber threats, while our offshore hosting ensures the privacy of your data far from prying eyes. This outstanding level of protection is achieved without any compromises, as we firmly believe that fortifying your online presence should be both cheap and accessible. With ClientVPS, you're not just buying hosting - you're acquiring peace of mind. Join us today and embark on a hosting journey like never before.

Offshore Web Hosting
  • Default Disk
  • Bandwidth
  • Operating System
  • Location
  • SSL
  • More information
price : $ 19 /mo
  • Default Disk
  • Bandwidth
  • Operating System
  • Location
  • SSL
  • More information
price: $ 22 /mo
  • Default Disk
  • Bandwidth
  • Operating System
  • Location
  • SSL
  • More information
price: $ 25 /mo
  • Default Disk
  • Bandwidth
  • Operating System
  • Location
  • SSL
  • More information
price: $ 29 /mo

Your fave Hosting App is one
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Our hosting company brings you the ultimate convenience in website management. With cPanel and Softaculous, you can effortlessly install and manage popular applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more.

With Softaculous, you can quickly and easily install CMS Made Simple on your website with just a single click. No need for complex manual installations or technical expertise - our user-friendly interface takes care of everything for you.

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Secure & Reliable!

ClientVPS servers are constantly updated providing high security, Your data and privacy will be safe with us!

Customer Support

You can get free support from our staff everyday all day long. We have a professional team that will help you from the start to finish. We will even migrate your site from other hosting providers for free.

Super Fast!

We offer multiple offshore locations with a growing bandwidth of around 4,0 Tbps. Our networks are connected with the fastest internet exchange points.

Offshore Hosting Protected

With our servers located in the Bahrain, all of our International clients are guaranteed with Total Data Privacy, Data Security, and a Wide Range of Content Acceptability. All hardware is privately owned and inaccessible other than by the ClientVPS team and datacenter personnel. Apart from physical security, Bahrain law regulation protects the privacy of all stored data in the Bahrain, ensuring our customers of legal security as well.

All our Offshore Hosting Plans Come With

Experience the power of our offshore hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth, strong security, and reliable uptime. Enjoy easy and quick application installations, Get round-the-clock technical support, and flexible payment options, including Bitcoin

  • cPanel Panel
  • Softaculous Autoinstaller
  • MySQL & MariaDB
  • PHP & Perl
  • Apache & LiteSpeed
  • Exim Mail Server
  • Private DNS Server Setup
  • Hardware Firewall
  • Free SSL
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • Free Site Transfers

Offshore Web Hosting FAQ

What is offshore web hosting?

Offshore web hosting refers to a web hosting service that is located in a country different from where the website owner resides. These offshore hosting services offer benefits such as greater privacy, freedom of speech, and the ability to host websites that may be illegal or prohibited in other countries.

Can I transfer my website to your web hosting?

Great news! We support website transfers and can help you move your website to our web hosting service. Our team of experts can guide you through the process and ensure a smooth transition to our platform. Contact us to get started with transferring your website today.

What are the benefits of offshore hosting?

Offshore hosting offers benefits such as enhanced privacy, freedom of speech, and protection from government surveillance or censorship. It can also provide access to more lenient or favorable legal environments for certain types of online businesses.

Is email included with offshore hosting?

Yes, email is included with our offshore hosting packages. You can set up email accounts for your domain name through our control panel.

What payment methods do you accept for offshore hosting?

We accept several payment methods, including Bitcoin, Ethereum,Payeer,Webmoney and Perfect Money.

What is the process of buying offshore hosting?

1. Choose a hosting plan that fits your needs and budget.
2. Place an order and make payment through the available payment methods (such as Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies).
3. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive login details for your offshore hosting account via email.
4. Log in to your account and start setting up your website or transferring your existing website.

It's important to note that we don't require personal information for offshore hosting, but we may require some basic information to set up your account, such as your email address and the domain name you want to use.

How long does it take to receive my login information after purchasing offshore hosting?

You will receive your login information within 2 hours after your payment has been confirmed.