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оффшорный Windows VPS | Пуленепробиваемый RDP

Keep private and secure all your information with our оффшорный PC System. You just connect through Remote Desktop software available in any windows computer and login to your оффшорный PC. You will be able to Browse the Internet, Manage your Электронная почта Accounts, open all your office documents and install your own programs all

    • Оффшорный RDP R1

      Anoynmous оффшорный Windows VPS

      • Windows 7 Pro / Windows 8 Pro
      • Microsoft Office: Optional
      • CPU:2048MHz
      • 100GB Disk (ЖД)
      • Неограниченный Traffic
      • 1Gbps ПОРТ
    • Оффшорный RDP R2

      Anoynmous оффшорный Windows VPS

      • Windows 7 Pro / Windows 8 Pro
      • Microsoft Office: Optional
      • CPU:4096MHz
      • 100GB Disk (ЖД)
      • Неограниченный Traffic
      • 1Gbps ПОРТ
    • Оффшорный RDP R3

      Anoynmous оффшорный Windows VPS

      • Windows 7 Pro / Windows 8 Pro
      • Microsoft Office: Optional
      • CPU:6144MHz
      • 100GB Disk (ЖД)
      • Неограниченный Traffic
      • 1Gbps ПОРТ

Защита вашей конфиденциальности - наше дело

Мы не делаем доступными ваши действия для третьих лиц. Все, что происходит на наших серверах, остается на наших серверах.

All our Windows VPS Планы Come With

Unlock the power of a secure and flexible hosting solution with a Windows VPS server from ClientVPS

  • Сетевой порт 1 Гбит/с
  • Administrator Access
  • Защита от DDoS-атак
  • Гарантированная конфиденциальность
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Windows License Included
  • Выделенный IPv4 адрес
  • 99,99% гарантированной доступности сети
  • VNC and RDP Access
  • Виртуализация KVM
  • NVMe/Хранилище SSD
  • Установка VPN сервера

Windows VPS Features

Full Administrative Control

Take complete control of your Windows VPS environment with administrative privileges. Customize server settings, install software, and create multiple user accounts to suit your requirements.

Robust Безопасность

We prioritize the security of your data and online assets. Our Windows VPS hosting includes advanced firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security updates to protect your information from unauthorized access.

Data Privacy and Безопасность

Protect your sensitive data with our offshore Windows VPS hosting. Our servers are located in secure offshore jurisdictions, ensuring your data is kept private and safe from prying eyes.

Scalable Resources

Our flexible Windows VPS hosting allows you to easily upgrade or downgrade server specifications as your business grows. Scale your processing power, memory, and storage space to meet your evolving needs.

Diverse Content Hosting

Our offshore Windows VPS hosting accommodates a wide range of content types. Whether you run a website, host applications, or engage in multimedia streaming, our hosting environment supports diverse content needs.

Улучшенная конфиденциальность

We understand the importance of privacy. Our Windows VPS hosting offers enhanced privacy features, including anonymous registration and payment options, allowing you to maintain confidentiality and protect your online identity.

Windows VPS FAQ

What is RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) ?

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft that enables users to connect to and control a remote computer or server over a network. It provides a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows users to interact with the remote system as if they were physically present at the machine.
RDP allows users to access applications, files, and resources on a remote Windows-based system. By establishing an RDP session, users can remotely control the desktop, run software, manage settings, transfer files, and perform various tasks on the remote system.
This protocol is widely used for remote administration, remote support, and remote work scenarios, allowing individuals or IT professionals to access and manage systems remotely, increasing efficiency and flexibility in accessing resources from different locations.

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