Mining GPU Выделенные серверы

ClientVPS is now offering

GPU dedicated servers with NVIDIA GTX 1080/1080Ti, GRID K2 and TESLA M60 that are capable of processing any task at hand.

GPU servers boast an exceptional performance due to a parallel architecture that allows to process multiple tasks simultaneously. GPU-accelerated computing transfers compute-intensive parts of the application to the GPU, allowing the CPU to run the remainder of the code. ClientVPS offers GPU servers in Russia, USA and the Netherlands.

  • gtx 1080
  • tesla graphic card

Dedicated servers with graphics cards

NVIDIA GPU dedicated servers for deep learning, graphics rendering, video transcoding, computing, or crypto mining.

Need A Custom GPU Server Plan?

Contact us through livechat or through our ticket system.

NVIDIA GPU Dedicated Server

NVIDIA’s chip architecture, great for mining, graphics rendering and computing. The NVIDIA Pascal architecture delivers excellent performance at a budget friendly price.

Blazing Fast Network

Direct connection to top IP-Transit suppliers ensuring minimal data transmission latency in Europe, Asia and America. Because of our geniously designed network design, we do offer a excellent uptime.

Privacy & Security

Here at ClientVPS, the security of our clients is our top priority. We store all sensitive data encrypted. Our servers have full backups that can be accessed via an SSH connection or similar encrypted connection.

Full Root Access

For total server control, all dedicated hosting customers are given full root access (via sudo) to their dedicated server. Besides full SSH root access all servers comes with Remote Rebot or IPMI/iLO access.

Server Delivery

Estimated GPU server delivery time — 2-4 weeks.
We will try to deliver your server as soon as possible, We reserve the right to hold off server delivery until full server is received. Billing period will be started after server is delivered.

dedicated server png

Why ClientVPS Offshore Выделенные серверы?

Fully Managed Dedicated Server + Physical Firewall Configurations .

Unlimited traffic

Thanks to its global 10 Tbps capacity, ClientVPS is able to provide a guaranteed bandwidth, and burst service for dealing with load peaks. There is no upload or download limit.


Thanks to its partnerships with key hardware and network equipment manufacturers, ClientVPS has access to the latest technology and can therefore deliver unparalleled performance!

Features without Compromise

With 1 Gbps network speeds, up to 100 TB of upgradeable bandwidth, up to 512 GB of upgradeable RAM, processors that top-out at twenty-two cores, and the all the storage you could possibly use, our dedicated servers are workhorses that will support your business now and into the future.

Free anti-DDoS protection

You need more than the best hardware and support. Reliability means security, and that’s why our Выделенные серверы are security hardened at delivery and include free DDoS mitigation capable of repelling all known DDoS attacks.