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8th Apr 2020
IP Spoofed Dedicated Server


One of the new services ClientVPS has provided to customers is the sale of dedicated Spoofed servers
These servers are used for a variety of security tests, and we have tailor-made these servers to our customers so that we can provide more complete services.
Please contact us to purchase and order these servers

10th Nov 2019

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30th Aug 2017
[SOLVED] lapure5 emergency reboot

05/03/2017 06:23 AM CST - We are going to reboot lapure5 to fix the high load average issue on it which was caused by a bug in KernelCare. We utilize KernelCare to do rebootless kernel upgrades but unfortunately a bug in the software is causing lock ups during the patching process.¬†We will update this announcement once all VPS's are back online ... Read More »

3rd May 2017
[SOLVED] Premium VPS line scheduled kernel upgrade

As scheduled, we are currently upgrading Linux Kernel's of the Premium VPS line host nodes.

Update: This has been done. Everything is back online.

29th May 2015